Refinery Petro - Chem CEMS

Cemtek offers custom designed continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for all refinery/petrochemical applications, including heaters, flare stacks, turbines, boilers, process monitoring, compliance monitoring etc. We engineer new monitoring systems as well as full & partial replacements of existing monitoring systems, analyzers, probes, sample tubes & data acquisition systems (DAHS) upgrades.


We use the latest technologies available including GC’s, FTIR’s, rack mount NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, O2 etc, Tunable Diode Lasers (TDL) for compliance and process monitoring.

Systems can be supplied in general purpose, C1D2, cabinets, enclosure, open panel, open or closed rack and shelters etc.

Why Work with Cemtek

Cemtek is a leading supplier of professionally integrated emissions monitoring systems and have earned a reputation for doing It right the first time. With over a thousand CEMS in the field and many years of refinery CEMS experience, Cemtek is the top choice for CEMS engineered, built & delivered on time and in budget.


At Cemtek, we are the CEMS integration, reporting and service experts. We have designed our CEMS with the service technician in mind.


Our designs allow for ease of maintenance, reduced downtime and guaranteed certification, year after year. With sample system components easily accessible, it’s simple to follow your EPA QA/QC plan.


Cemtek is your partner for start-up, training, certification and long term maintenance. Our parts experts are always available to meet all of your CEMS parts needs and our regulations experts ensure accurate, reliable reporting. Now, more than ever, it is easy for our customers to keep their long term costs low. With offices on each coast and a field technician network across the United States, we are ready to serve all industrial and utility plants

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