Cemtek KVB-Enertec

Cemtek KVB-Enertec (a division of Cemtek Group) is a leading supplier of custom engineered Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and provides support for compliance and non-compliance applications.


With a group of expert staff, whose CEMS experience spans over thirty years, we are well positioned to engineer and support CEMS for a wide range of applications and industries.  We are a leading supplier of extractive, dilution and mercury CEMS from single units to multiple complex units in cabinets and shelters.


cemtek kvb-energek building
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Founder and Key Employees

Cemtek's founder and key employees are recognized leaders in CEMS development and associated life-cycle services. Each of our management staff have over thirty-five years of experience in the CEMS industry which allows us to provide our clients the full range of CEMS life-cycle services, including:


Hardware and Software System Design

System Fabrication

Full Factory Checkout

Operator Training

System Start-Up and Certification

System Service and Maintenance

System Operations

Parts and 24/7 Support

View of the inside of Cemtek Environmental's warehouse. CEMS shelters are lined up along each side of the area.

Technical Approach Engineering for Performance and Reliability

Cemtek uses the highest quality components in its CEM systems that have been time-proven for accuracy and reliability and chosen for each specific application’s unique needs. CEMTEK’s experience covers:


Coal-Fired Boilers

Gas-Fired Boilers and Turbines

Steel Plants

Pulp and Paper Industry


Industrial Boilers

IC Engines

Compact Turbines

Picture of a large cabinet enclosure with a CEMS unit and DAHS set up.

CEMS Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS)

Cemtek offers a selection of options to choose from. A simple data collection and reporting system or a more elaborate multitasking, multi-user package that supports all 40 CFR Part 60 and Part 75, state and local regulations, integrated from a variety of DAHS specialists can be prepared in-house.


Our engineers and field service personnel have worked with most of the major DAHS suppliers. Whether you are already using ESC, GE-KVB Enertec, Honeywell PAI, VIM Technologies, RKI or Trace, we can include it in our CEMS package for a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before shipment.