Mercury Sorbent Trap Systems

Cemtek is pleased to offer a variety of mercury (Hg) sorbent trap monitoring systems through partnerships with APEX Instruments, Environmental Supply Corp. and Ohio Lumex.


Sorbent Trap systems offer extremely reliable ways to measure mercury while eliminating the hassles associated with trying to maintain a Mercury CEMS.


For many facilities, this method will be both a simpler and more cost effective solution.


We offer sorbent trap technology customized for your particular needs.


Working with multiple suppliers, gives us the flexibility to customize each of our client’s traps and spike levels to achieve optimal performance.


We have the solution to your sampling requirements.


Contact a Cemtek representative today to discuss your facilites mercury analysis options.

A cost effective solution to expensive Mercury CEMS.

Sorbent Trap systems offer many advantages

  • Ease of maintenance

    Their modular designs allow for components to be replaced in the field, minimising down-time.

  • Ease of Use

    The simple sampling principles are more easily troubleshot/repaired in the field by operators who can be trained within only a few days.

  • Traps are Non-Hazardous

    Easy to Ship to Lab

  • Simple to Install and Operate

    A welcomed alternative to the complicated, labour intensive operation of other environmental sampling equipment.

  • Multiple configuration options

    Sorbent trap systems can be configured in several ways to accommodate many site specific challenges.

  • Cost effective

    Hg sorbent traps often cost less than half the price of other monitoring options.

HGK-PFI Mercury System
By Environmental Supply Co.


Key Features

Downloadable Content & Specifications

XC-6000EM MercSampler 
By Apex Instruments


Key Features

Highly Accurate

No Calibration Gas Requirements

Very Low Detection Levels

Sample is Captured Directly within the Stack

Long Term Sampling

NIST Traceable SRM for QA/QC

Traps are Non-Hazardous and Easy to Ship to Lab

Traps can be spiked to meet your specific needs

Heated Umbilical Line is Lightweight and Self-Regulated

Cabinets are Powder Coated Aluminum and contain Easy Access Doors

Downloadable Content & Specifications

OLM30B Portable System 
By Ohio Lumex


Key Features

Fully Compliant with US EPA Reference Method 30B

Very light weight (approximately 15 lbs and 31lbs for Probe)

Modular and easily transportable

Water Resistant

Provides a steady flow rate thanks to mass flow controllers with wide turn-down ratio and high accuracy

Easy to learn and simple to use

“Set It and Forget It,” No adjustments required during sampling

Ability to perform Total and Speciating Hg using cooling / heated probe

One year 100% warranty on parts and labor, except consumables (scrubbers).

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