Mercury Freedom System

By Thermo Scientific

Obtain regulatory compliance and peace of mind with the Mercury Freedom System by Thermo Scientific.  This integrated mercury emissions monitoring system measures elemental, ionic and total mercury in exhaust stacks from coal-fired boilers, cement kilns, waste incinerators, and other industrial combustion sources.



Why choose the Mercury Freedom System?

Engineered for unattended, continuous-duty reliability, the Mercury Freedom System is a complete integrated solution comprised of an analyzer, calibrator, probe controller and probe/converter.

The Mercury Freedom System utilizes highly sensitive direct cold vapor atomic fluorescence technology allowing this CMMS to meet the U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 requirements with true continuous monitoring.

Its reduced umbilical temperature extends life of umbilical line and reduces service needs.  The CMMS also allows for maximum flexibility in communication protocols, which enables easy interface with new or pre-existing Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).

Ensure complete regulatory compliance with unattended, true continuous monitoring.  Contact a Cemtek Representative today to learn how we can integrate this remarkable technology into your daily operations.

Key Features

Highly sensitive cold vapor atomic fluorescence analyzer requires no wet chemicals or costly gold amalgamation concentrator

Reduced umbilical temp extends life of umbilical line and reduces service needs

Split umbilical is available as separate cold/hot lines, which may further extend umbilical life

No expensive consumables

No argon carrier gas is required, saving space and expense

No interference with Bromine

Dilution-based measurement

Consistent performance in harsh conditions

Modular design allows for easy access to equipment and reduced maintenance time and cost

Rack-mountable components integrate seamlessly into most existing stack monitoring configurations


Meet or exceed performance specifications outlined in U.S. EPA PS-12A and/or Part 75 provisions for continuous Mercury CEM systems in addition to the latest MATS and MACT rules.

TUV Approved* in accordance with



EN15267-3 and

EN14181 requirements

* TUV approved for 0-30 ug/m3 range for power and incinerators in Europe.


Coal-fired boilers

Cement kilns

Waste incinerators

Other Industrial Combustion sources

Downloadable Content and Specifications

The Mercury Freedom System iSeries components are easily accessible for maintenance or quick change-out.
(Contact a Cemtek Representative for more details.)

  • Model 80i Mercury Analyzer

    • Advanced cold vapor atomic fluorescence analysis
    • Detection limits down to 1 ng/m3 allow high sample dilution (typically 40:1) reducing moisture and heat requirements.
  • Model 81i Mercury Calibrators

    • Vapor generator (elemental mercury) performs standard calibration upstream of the inertial  lter.
    • Peltier cooler vapor pressure control and mass  flow control regulate mercury output for maximum accuracy.
  • Model 82i Probe Controller

    • Connects to probe through an umbilical
    • Automates and controls key system functions
  • Model 83i Probe

    • Consists of a dilution probe and proprietary dry Hg converter
    • Specifically designed to dilute and transport mercury emissions from environments with high dust, temperature and moisture
    • Automated blow-back clears the  filter for trouble-free continuous operation
    • Includes mercuric chloride generator to perform system integrity tests
  • Model 84i Hg Permeation Source

    • Supplies a repeatable concentration of elemental mercury generated from a permeation device
    • Conforms the reliability of the Model 81i Mercury Calibrator output in accord with EPA requirements
  • Other Available Components

    • 81i L - Low level mercury calibrator
    • 81i H - High level mercury calibrator
    • 83i GC - Probe/converter
    • 85PROBE - Model 85 Mercury Probe Converter

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