Meet the Team

Ty Smith | President 

Ty is the founder of CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ with over 30 years of experience in the instrumentation and environmental field, encompassing, process control instrumentation, CEMS engineering, manufacture, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and service. Ty gained his CEMS experience at Horiba Instruments and KVB, before founding CEMTEK Systems in 1999 then Cemtek Environmental in 2003 & CEMTEK Instruments in 2007 and most recently Ty acquired KVB-Enertec from B&W. Ty’s extensive field experience has made him successful in helping to engineer CEMS for a wide variety of applications as well as diagnosing difficult application and CEMS problems in the field. He has extensive experience in training and support of installed CEMS in all types of industrial and utility applications. Ty is dedicated to building CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ into the premier CEMS company in the country with unsurpassed service and the highest quality CEMS in the industry.

Santa Ana, CA

Key Personnel / Management

Keith Crabbe | Chief Operating Officer

Keith heads up the CEMTEK KVB-Enertec operations including engineering, project management, DAHS development and support, procurement, and advisor to field service. Keith is an engineer with over 40 years of CEMS experience. Beginning his career in production with the Equipment profit center of KVB in 1980 then joined Field Service. Keith has worked in engineering, software configuration development, regulatory analysist, and project management roles. Keith has extensive experience with Data Acquisition and Handling Systems, Tunable Diode Laser, DOAS, FTIR, ambient monitoring, fully extractive, dilution extractive, hot/wet, GC, in‐situ analyzers, flow monitors, PM, Hg, HCN, HCl, NH3 and VOC in addition to traditional CEMS.

Keith’s extensive software and CEMS experience in the SCAQMD and RECLAIM region has helped create solutions for some of the toughest EPA air regulations and applications in the industry. Successfully completing many projects for major EPC firms in industry segments such as the oil refinery, petro-chem, cement, co‐gen, biomass, steel, glass, and power industry and low measurements for NOx turbine CEMS applications. Keith worked on various coal fired boiler applications for both EPA compliance and SCR process optimization with many large utility contracts throughout the US during 1993‐1995 Phase 1 & 2 USEPA 40CFR75 Clean Air Act then onto SCR and Scrubber projects in the next phases of the CAA, MATS, and other MACTs. Keith participated in stakeholder development of the integrated path sections for Tunable Diode Lasers use in USEPA Performance Specification 18 for HCl CEMS. This development resulted in several co-authored papers.

Keith is an active member in the local ISA and has participated numerous times as guest speaker at SCAQMD, EPRI CEMUG, is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Society of Automation, Air and Waste Management Association, and Source Evaluation Society. Keith has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach, California and is a GE certified six‐sigma greenbelt.

Don Kohout | Operations and Service Manager

Don started his electro/mechanical instrumentation career in the U.S. Marine Corp over 35 years ago. His extensive training in the military prepared him well for the production, engineering, field, and test/quality departments at KVB where he worked for many years before joining the CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ team. Don has worked with almost every type of CEM system, analyzer manufacturer, DAHS vendor and testing company in the U.S. Don engineered the TVA NOx SCR CEMS project while at KVB, valued at over $10 million. Don, as well as all CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ employees, are familiar with all types of sample collection, conditioning, DAS and analyzer equipment. Major brands include: ABB, Siemens Maxum gas analyzers as well as GC’s, M&C Products, EPM, Universal, Baldwin, TECO, Siemens, API, Servomex, Ametek, Western Research, Sick Maihak, FUJI, CAI, USI, Kurz, EMRC, Land, MLI, KVB‐Enertec, Horiba CEMS and TECO, TEKRAN and Apex Mercury.

Quang Nguyen | Inside Sales Manager

Quang joined CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ with an extensive 20 years of experience in motor controls, PLC & HMI programming, network communication, and knowledge of industry standards and regulations. Quang has over 17 years of experience with environmental regulatory, air pollution control, and CEMS applications. He has worked and configured many DAHS systems to comply with federal regulations, USEPA 40CFR 75 and 60, regulatory reports for local air districts, including PADEP, SJVAPCD, SCAQMD and RECLAIM. Quang possesses a strong technical background and specializes in various CEMS applications for utilities, waste water treatment facilities, landfills, steel and industrial plants, cement plants, and petrochemical plants. Quang comes to us from KVB‐Enertec, and now is a part of CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™. He is also a GE certified green belt of Six Sigma.

Dan Oquendo | Engineering Manager

Dan has over 30 years of experience in the instrumentation and environmental field, encompassing CEMS test, engineering design, project management and software configuration. Dan started at KVB in 1990 working on the factory check out floor after receiving his AA in Electronics Engineering. Learning the CEMS from the ground up, Dan went on to engineering and project management. He further expanded his knowledge to permits and regulations when he worked in the software department. Dan has experience with most Data Acquisitions Systems including ESC, VIM Technologies, KVB‐Enertec, Honeywell PAI and RKI Engineering. Dan’s experience includes CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™, Ambient Quality Monitoring Station units for SAIC and 4 years at Horiba on Ambient, Process and Regulatory CEMS. Dan has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering.

Jeff Harrington | Service and Aftermarket Sales Manager

Jeff began his career in Emissions Monitoring with KVB in 1984 after serving 6 years as an electronics technician for the US Navy, where he maintained and repaired Sonar equipment and other shipboard instrumentation.
His time in the military prepared him for the next 15 years of his life as a Field Service Technician for KVB, traveling the US and Internationally doing startups, training, maintenance, and repair of CEMS.
Jeff left KVB-Enertec™ in 2000 to pursue other goals but returned in 2021 to assume his current role as a Service and Aftermarket Sales Manager.
His 39 years of experience in sales and service have left him well prepared for assisting CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ customers with the often times difficult aspects of Air Quality Monitoring whether it’s CEMS, Ambient Air monitoring, Data Acquisition or Process Control.
Jeff’s knowledge of industrial applications has helped him develop a broad understanding of both the problems and analytical solutions that CEMTEK KVB-Enertec™ provides to its customers.

Randy Thompson | Vice President of CEMTEK Systems & CEMTEK Instruments

Randy has over 20 years of experience in the CEMS industry encompassing 12 years with Anarad as well as many years at KVB and Mostardi Platt. Randy has applied his field, instrumentation and customer service skills into solving many challenging applications for customers regulatory and process measurement requirements. Since 2007 Randy has served as General Manager of CEMTEK Instruments as well as CEMTEK Systems field service division’s. Randy’s 6 years of service in the U.S. Marines as a Classified Communications–Electronics, assisted him in his troubleshooting as well as management skills.

Hatfield, PA

Key Personnel / Management

Patrick Lemming | Engineering Manager

Patrick has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has been with the company since March 2001 serving in roles as Project Engineer / Manager, Support Group Manager, Quality Leader and Software Engineering Manager. He has previous experience in specialty gas manufacturing and equipment engineering for auxiliary systems such as chemical feed systems and boiler water analysis packages. He served as Interim GM for KVB Enertec Products during the reorganization of the business and has experience with the KPIs for operational and financial reporting. He leads the engineering team performing CEMS design, DAHS configuration, commissioning services and other functions as required. He is proficient with various controls systems and their programming, including industry standard protocols such as Modbus.

Debbie Knoebel | Operations Manager

Debbie has been with the company since 2012 serving in roles as Proposal Manager / Operations Manager. Debbie brings 25 plus years of management experience in the manufacturing sector. Recognized as a team leader, team member, and manager committed to building an organization focused on teamwork, profitability and process improvement. She has worked as an application engineer/project engineer for nuclear valves and product engineer for cold rolled products in the steel industry. Debbie has a degree in Metallurgy from Penn State University.

Ken Korzun | Project Manager / Proposal Manager

Ken has been with B&W PGG (formerly GE/KVB-Enertec) since 1994. Ken is a Project Manager/Proposal Manager and serves as a team leader when projects require multiple engineering resources. He has managed and engineered an extensive number of CEMS and DAHS projects, including a number of large electric utilities, with some utilities required to report emission on over 40 sources. Ken previously worked at KVB-Enertec as a CEMS field service engineer prior to his position as a project engineer. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Rutgers University.

Tim McDade | Software Development Manager

Tim has extensive experience as a software engineer and began his career as a Software Developer in a solar energy group automating their photovoltaic manufacturing processes. Tim is a co-holder of US Patent 7,181,320 B2, specifically issued for web-based DAHS software. In 1994 he started working with KVB-Enertec as a Project Engineer on their Unix-based DAHS product. After moving to the Software Department in 1997, Tim co-architected the industry’s first Windows NT-based product called NTDAHS specializing in client/server (GUI) applications and reports. In 2002, the KVB-Enertec Team which was now GE and included developers in Mumbai, began work on the all-new, web-based NetDAHS user interface. This was another industry first. The first version of the NetDAHS user interface debuted in 2003. In 2012, NetDAHS Edge was released and now included unique user interface functionality and configurability. In 2018, KVB-Enertec became CEMTEK KVB-Enertec and Tim was recently promoted to Software Development Manager. He and the software development team continue to look forward to delivering increasingly advanced solutions for CEMTEK’s customers as the power industry, emissions monitoring market, regulatory environment, and global software technology and infrastructure rapidly evolve.

William Montag | Software Support Manager

Bill Leads the software support group as well as the software training programs for the NetDAHS Edge platform. A Naval Veteran, he started with KVB-Enertec Software Support team out of Hatfield, Pa in March of 2000. He has extensive knowledge of the DAHS as well as being a subject matter expert in most of part 60, 63, and 75 of Title 40 of the code of federal regulations. Most of his time on the team he specialized on state and federal reporting rules and handling of the KVB-Enertec fleet customers. He also has extensive experience reading permits and new regulations, translating them into usable DAHS configurations, and auditing of systems based upon regulatory needs. He also enjoys going out into the field to provide on site training and assistance for our customer base.

It’s what we do.

We are a full service CEMS company with multiple offices and a network of field technicians across the United States.

Superior CEMS engineering, integration, consulting, support, parts and service.

We are one of the largest and most respected CEMS integrators in the nation.

We supply CEMS to measure all gases including NOx, CO2, CO, SO2, HCl, SO3, O2, THC, NMHC, CH4, Hg, O3, H2S and many others.

Cemtek’s management has over 35 years of experience in the CEMS industry.