Fully Extractive CEMS

Cemtek offers custom-built Fully Extractive CEMS containing state of the art components manufactured to your application's unique specifications. Our technicians will work one on one with you to design, engineer, construct, deliver and install your tailor made product.



Sample Probe and Transport Line

Sample probe tubes are stainless steel (hastelloy is optional). The filter housings are heated with two easy to clean micron filters.

Isolation valves are installed for intervaled purging to keep the probe from plugging and to create a more efficient use of daily calibrations gases.

This is also an invaluable tool for maintenance, allowing for easy “leak check” of the sample system. The heated sample line keeps the sample above the dewpoint to keep it from condensing.

Sample line packages include: 2 - 3/8” lines for sample and instrument air, 2 - ¼” lines for cal gas and isolation valves as well as all necessary power and signal wires.

For most applications PFA Teflon is utilized, another option is stainless steel for low NOx and CO projects.

Sample probe and sample line RTD’s are also installed to warn of loss of heat, which may degrade the sample or reduce the life of equipment.

Sample Conditioning System

The sample conditioner is a refrigerant type gas compressor cooler. Here the sample is chilled and dried preparing it for analysis. An integral moisture sensor alarm and secondary filter is also installed as a failsafe downstream of the conditioner.

Pressure regulators with gauges and flow meters control the flowrates to individual analyzers. An RTD is also installed at the cooler exit to ensure the proper temperature is maintained. This is an excellent maintenance feature and also required by some regulatory agencies.

Analyzers and PLC Controller

Cemtek chooses the right analyzer for your application and gases being measured.

Chemiluminescence is always used for NOx. NDIR was the choice for CO until the lower levels demanded the gas filter correlation technique. Paramagnetic O2 has proven accurate, reliable and cost effective. For mass measurement or pounds per hour, the calculation with fuel flow meters is the most cost effective but in-stack flow monitors can also be included in your CEM if required.

The system is controlled with a system controller, which performs the housekeeping functions as well as sending the CEM signals to your DCS or our Data and Acquisition Handling System (DAHS).


We are the CEMS service experts. We’ve designed our CEMS with the service technician in mind. This allows for ease of maintenance, reduced downtime and guaranteed certification, year after year. With sample system components easily accessible, it’s easy to follow your EPA QA/QC plan. Cemtek is there for start-up, training, certification and long term maintenance. Our parts experts are always available to meet all your CEMS parts needs and ensure accurate, reliable reporting.

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