Dilution Extractive CEMS

Cemtek offers custom-built dilution extractive CEMS manufactured to your application's unique specifications. Our technicians will work one-on-one with you to design, engineer, construct, deliver, and install your tailor-made product. Dilution extractive systems are very well suited for harsh applications where high levels of gases, acids, moisture, and pollutants are encountered.



How a Dilution Extractive CEMS Works:

An air driven eductor pump extracts a sample of flue gas and transfers it into the CEM system via a dilution extractive sample probe. An air cleanup assembly cleans, scrubs, and dries compressed air to a -70F dew point to create “dilution air.”

The dilution air is mixed with flue gas, which is drawn through a critical orifice, typically at a 100:1 ratio. The diluted sample is then transported through a sample line to a manifold. At that point, individual analyzers may extract a sample to test.

Techniques employed for this vary from gas to gas. For example, chemiluminescence is used to test for NOx, pulsed fluorescence, UV & NDUV for SO2, and NDIR or gas filter correlation technique for CO and CO2.

The signal output from each analyzer is received by a data acquisition and handling system (DAHS), which collects and records the emissions data.

Why Choose to Work with Cemtek

At Cemtek, we are the CEMS integration, reporting, and service experts. We have designed our CEMS with the service technician in mind.

Our designs allow for ease of maintenance, reduced downtime, and guaranteed certification, year after year. With sample system components easily accessible, it’s simple to follow your EPA QA/QC plan.

Cemtek is your partner for start-up, training, certification, and long-term maintenance. Our parts experts are always available to meet all of your CEMS parts needs and our regulations experts ensure accurate, reliable reporting. Now, more than ever, it is easy for our customers to keep their long-term costs low. With offices on each coast and a field technician network across the United States, we are ready to serve all industrial and utility plants.

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