Ambient Air Monitoring Systems

Cemtek has engineered and supplied multiple ambient air monitoring systems, the most recent of which were installed around LA Harbor to monitor air quality in around the harbor from diesel-burning ships.


The EPA defines ambient monitoring as the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding outdoor air.


There are a number of methods to measure any given air pollutant. Choosing the wrong method could be a costly error. Our field service technicians approach each project individually with a focus on our clients, their needs, and the site for which our ambient air monitoring systems will be placed.


We utilize the latest technology and instrumentation to engineer and build a reliable long-lasting and accurate ambient CEMS. We strive to produce an affordable high-quality product that requires low maintenance yet performs to our clients’ specifications.


Along with your ambient CEMS we can provide a maintenance program to keep your system running at optimal performance while reducing costs to your facility or organization.


Our 24-hour emergency support system provides our clients with tech support and on-site services. We are here to ensure you meet the federal emissions standards necessary to run your business safely and efficiently.


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