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Leading Technology

The ever-changing compliance needs of today’s environmental professionals require higher levels of automation and data accessibility. To respond to market demands, we designed the NetDAHS Edge software, a proactive and centralized control hub for air emissions compliance reporting. The software incorporates web-based push technology to allow accurate, live data from across your fleet to be shared among multiple users.


Software Evolution

Cemtek KVB-Enertec’s evolutionary DAHS platform with NetDAHS Edge push technology builds on our successful and stable NetDAHS technology platform, which enables secure access to data at any time from any computer with network connectivity. Since 2003, our proven web-based platform has met and continues to exceed compliance needs. The enhanced web interface found in NetDAHS Edge software incorporates the same dependable and innovative tools necessary to monitor your air compliance data. Monitor emissions data in a truly proactive and centralized control hub. B&W offers its evolutionary DAHS architecture with push technology through our NetDAHS Edge software.


Streamlined Compliance

Our scalable platform can be configured to handle 40 CFR 60/75 requirements along with state, local or consent decree reporting obligations. A “One-Step EDR” button streamlines the quarterly reporting gauntlet by automating the checks on the hourly averages, data substitution routines and ultimately the creation of the electronic data report (EDR). From one unit to many units, NetDAHS Edge software can help you effectively manage your air compliance data.


NetDAHS Edge software is designed to simplify the process of periodic quality assurance (QA) data checks. Using the software and its tools is a proactive method to reduce issues before compliance data is reported.


CEMS Hourly Details

The Hourly Detail view employs exclusive missing reason codes to provide quick access to data troubleshooting information. Users can drill-down into specific areas of their data, eliminating the need for lengthy reports or tedious quarterly searches required by other data acquisition and handling systems.


Method of Determination Code Quarter-to-Date View

Through NetDAHS Edge software’s Method of Determination Code (MODC) Quarter-to-Date tool, users can simplify compliance data analysis by evaluating a quarterly period in one view. If a problem exists or data is missing, users can simply click within the timeline for details by the hour or minute.


Cylinder Inventory Management

Air emissions maintenance and reporting became more complex with the implementation of the rotocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP). NetDAHS Edge software’s Cylinder Inventory Management System streamlines the reporting process, eliminating most opportunities for human errors, such as transposed numbers and misplaced decimal points. From entering MCERTS to taking bottles out of service, NetDAHS Edge software uses one intuitive screen. Cylinder data can be entered into the system in several ways. The software can connect directly to supplier web sites and notify you if new deliveries are available for download. Or, a file can be manually imported. Users can also easily load the cylinder detail in each field.


One-Step XML EDR Screen

Compliance data reporting is even less complicated when periodic checks are used with the One-Step EDR screen. In one click, complete quarterly or quarter-to-date reports can be generated.


Work Slates

Through Work Slates, users can group and display data. These dynamic work spaces can easily be changed by reorganizing, re-sizing, and adding or deleting widgets.

  • Gauge widgets to track real-time information
  • Status indicators for configured alarms or compliance episodes
  • Display trends for monitoring operations
  • Viewing access to a special version of your Work Slate on your favorite mobile device
  • Troubleshoot upset conditions by adding widgets to an existing Work Slate
  • Create a temporary, ad hoc Work Slate and delete the slate when it is no longer needed
  • Hub Chat feature to communicate with technicians, operators and off-site personnel


Cert Slate

Cert Slate is a QA summary at a glance. It captures QA metrics at any given moment and displays them in an easy-to-read table. If your network configuration facilitates linking multiple NetDAHS Edge servers together, the cross-fleet data will be aggregated automatically and available for review in one location from any of the NetDAHS Edge servers.


Quality Assurance Calendar

A built-in calendar provides users with a central place to store all QA checks and routines. Scheduled tasks can be configured to provide users with an email reminder.


Trend Slate

Trend Slate allows users to display trending data on specified parameters in multiple ways:

  • Real-time
  • One-day
  • Seven-day
  • Calibration drift trend


Fleet Management

Data acquisition and handling systems need to be agile and responsive to meet the needs of users who may be managing data across a plant or an entire fleet. B&W’s NetDAHS Edge software simplifies missions data management by providing centralized access to more real-time information without risking the integrity of compliance data.


When used for fleet emissions data management, each facility has its own NetDAHS Edge platform server which is used as the regulatory compliance engine. The software is designed to accommodate disparate data in one centralized view and without the need for additional products or maintenance contracts.


Use of our smart encrypted message technology enables NetDAHS Edge servers to share and present instantaneous data on one web page using network communication, regardless of the physical distance from one server to another.

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