Ty Smith | President    

Ty is the founder of Cemtek Environmental with over 30 years of experience in the instrumentation and environmental field, encompassing, process control instrumentation, CEMS engineering, manufacture, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and service. Ty gained his CEMS experience at Horiba Instruments and KVB, before founding Cemtek. Ty’s extensive field experience has made him successful in designing CEM systems as well as diagnosing difficult application and CEMS problems. He has extensive experience in training and support of installed CEMS in all types of industrial and utility applications. Ty is dedicated to building Cemtek into one of the premier CEMS companies with unsurpassed service and the highest quality CEMS in the industry.


Keith Crabbe | Engineering Manager    

Keith heads up the Cemtek engineering, project management, operations and field service. Keith is a degreed engineer with over 30 years of CEMS experience. Beginning his career with KVB in field service in 1980, he has worked in engineering, software, regulatory specialist, field service and project management roles. Keith has extensive experience with Data Acquisition and Handling Systems, ambient, fully extractive, dilution extractive, hot/wet, GC, in‐situ analyzers, flow monitors, PM, HCl, NH3 and VOC in addition to the traditional CEMS. Keith’s extensive software and CEMS experience in the SCAQMD and RECLAIM region has helped create solutions for some of the toughest EPA air regulations and applications in the industry. Successfully completing many projects for Duke‐Fluor Daniel, starting in projects 1985 for the refinery and cement market, he has applied his experience to the co‐gen, biomass and power industry and low measurements for NOx turbine CEMS applications. Keith worked various coal fired boiler applications for both EPA compliance and SCR process optimization with many large utility contracts throughout the US during 1993‐1995 Phase 1 & 2 USEPA 40CFR75 Clean Air Act moving onto SCR and Scrubber projects in the next phase of the CAA. Keith is an active member in the local ISA presenting a paper on “Do it Right or Trigger an EPA Audit.” Also a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, ICAC, ISA, AWMA, AISE and SES, Keith has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach, California. He is a GE certified six‐sigma greenbelt.


Dan Oquendo | Engineering Supervisor    

Dan has over 25 years of experience in the instrumentation and environmental field, encompassing CEMS test, engineering design, project management and software configuration. Dan started at KVB in 1990 working on the factory check out floor after receiving his AA in Electronics Engineering. Learning the CEMS from the ground up, Dan went on to engineering and project management. He further expanded his knowledge to permits and regulations when he worked in the software department. Dan has experience with most Data Acquisitions Systems including ESC, VIM Technologies, KVB‐Enertec, Honeywell PAI and RKI Engineering. Dan’s experience includes Cemtek’s Ambient Quality Monitoring Station units for SAIC and 4 years at Horiba on Ambient, Process and Regulatory CEMS. Dan has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering.


Don Kohout | Operations and Service Manager

Don started his electro/mechanical instrumentation career in the U.S. Marine Corp over 35 years ago. His extensive training in the military prepared him well for the production, engineering, field, and test/quality departments at KVB where he worked for many years before joining the Cemtek team. Don has worked with almost every type of CEM system, analyzer manufacturer, DAHS vendor and testing company in the U.S. Don engineered the TVA NOx SCR CEMS project while at KVB, valued at over $10 million. Don, as well as all Cemtek employees, is familiar with all types of sample collection, conditioning, DAS and analyzer equipment. Major brands include: ABB, Siemens Maxum gas analyzers as well as GC’s, M&C Products, EPM, Universal, Baldwin, TECO, Siemens, API, Servomex, Ametek, Western Research, Sick Maihak, FUJI, CAI, USI, Kurz, EMRC, Land, MLI, KVB‐Enertec, Horiba CEMS and TECO, TEKRAN and Apex Mercury.


Tom Kulesza | Aftermarket Sales & Services Manager    

Tom brings with him more than 25 years of experience in operations and account management as well as business process expertise spanning a variety of industries including the financial sector, telecommunications, computer hardware, and customized packaging. He has implemented several worldwide best in class customer service and support operations throughout his career and has implemented multiple process improvement programs designed to help companies operate more efficiently. Tom joined Cemtek in 2013 and will continue to focus his efforts on providing world class customer service to our customers, and building the infrastructure necessary to support our continued growth. In addition, Tom is also responsible for our aftermarket sales team, parts department, and field services organizations. Tom holds a BA in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University.


Quang Nguyen | Inside Sales Manager    

Quang came to Cemtek with over 20 years of experience in distribution control systems, motor controls, steam, hydraulics, and pneumatics controls, PLC programming, HIM programming, and Network communication (Allen‐Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc). Quang has over 12 years of experience designing CEMS and DAHS with different configurations and certifications to meet federal and local air permits. Quang has designed CEMS for various applications, pollutant and measurement parameters, monitors, dilution or extractive systems. As a project manager, Quang has executed coal fired scrubber projects between $1‐$2 million and specializes in Particulate Monitoring solutions for these applications. Quang comes to us from KVB‐Enertec and GE Energy now owned by Babcock & Wilcox. He is a GE certified Green belt of Six Sigma.


Kevin Travis | Senior Project Manager/Engineer

Kevin has over 31 years of experience on Design Engineering and Project Management in Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and process analyzer systems. Kevin has prepared drawings, specifications, QA documents for projects as well as R&D using his design skills which encompass electrical, mechanical, and sample system equipment. Kevin’s experience started in 1979 as a Design Engineer at United Controls involved in the design of process analyzers and systems for municipal waste treatment plants and moved forward working for Comsip, Measurementation, KVB and Landtec before joining Cemtek. Kevin has experience with Siemens GC’s and H2S analyzers in addition to the traditional gas analyzers, ABB analyzers and CEMS. Kevin has a Biology Degree and post‐ graduate work in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


Renee Guck | Environmental Regulations Specialist   

Renee has over 25 years of experience in the CEMS service, documentation and regulatory reporting departments. Starting in 1990 in the KVB documentation and field service department, she has learned the business from the customer’s perspective. Renee is effective in preparing O&M manuals, USEPA QA/QC plans and Part 75 Monitoring plans, certification protocols and reports and local SCAQMD regulatory submittals. She has a thorough knowledge of sample conditioning systems, field certification and a variety of data acquisition and handling systems. Renee worked for KVB until 2003 when GE closed the California office and then joined Honeywell PAI working in the Horiba Instruments offices where she provided assistance and training in documentation preparation and as an in‐house consultant on regulatory issues for both companies. Renee has regulatory and reporting knowledge and Part 75 EDR preparation experience since the enactment of the CAA in 1990. She is now using her knowledge to support Cemtek’s customer with meeting their regulations and reporting requirements for B&W (formerly GE), KVB‐Enertec, ESC, PAI and VIM data reporting systems.


Paul Tran | Project Manager/Engineer   

Paul has a BS in Chemical Engineering and has 5 years of experience in the instrumentation and environmental field including CEMS engineering, design, and project management. He has over two years
of experience integrating and configuring Tunable Diode LasIR’s (TDL’s) into Cemtek standard CEMS as well as field experience and training.


Calvin Lee | Project Manager/Engineer   

Calvin has an MS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Communications and Signal Processing. For Cemtek, he has designed special systems such as Tunable Diode Lasers (TDL's) for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN). Calvin also configures, diagnoses and troubleshoots USEPA Part 60 DAHS software and hardware.


Johnny Vu | Project Manager/Engineer   

Johnny has over 25 years of integrated control system design experience as a Project Engineer, Electro‐ Mechanical Control Engineer and Quality Control Test Engineer in manufacturing, nuclear, steam power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industrial field. He has designed, modified, tested as well as conducted trouble shooting CEMS services onsite for utilities and refinery companies such as: Southern California Edison, Tesoro, Pennsylvania Department Environmental Protection (PADER), Tennessee Valley Authority, Tampa Electric, Exxon, Valero and many others.


James Goodman | Data Acquisition System Engineer

James has over 25 years of experience in the CEM industry. Starting with KVB as an electrician in the production and manufacturing in CEMS, he quickly moved into the test and checkout department. His experience in CEMS hardware and field service made it an easy transition into data acquisition development and regulatory permit review. James has supported many DAS systems Trace, B&W (formerly GE), KVB‐Enertec, VIM, ESC and Honeywell PAI. James now configures Part 60 DAS using the VIM Technology license. James supports the Cemtek engineering and field service group in troubleshooting and diagnostics of CEMS software and hardware.


Stephanie Bezuidenhout | Field Service Project Manager

Stephanie has nearly 15 years in the customer service field. Her considerable experience enables Stephanie to coordinate and organize Cemtek’s customer field service activities such as equipment startups, installations, certifications, trainings, routine equipment maintenance, and/or demand services. Stephanie’s enduring abilities are effective in the communication between the field service technicians and our substantial list of customers. She has an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies.


Brenda Hoogstraten | Parts Coordinator   

Brenda has been working in the CEMS industry, specializing in parts, since 1998 and now provides complete and updated spare parts for Cemtek customers. She has worked in accounting, sales and marketing, and field service. Brenda applies her broad CEMS experience to provide Cemtek customers with the required parts to keep their equipment maintained at the highest level of service.